Historias 39 – Michelle Chase and Devyn Spence Benson on the Cuban Revolution

In this ‘State of the Field’ edition, Dr. Michelle Chase and Dr. Devyn Spence Benson spoke with Dustin and Steven about the historiography and current status of scholarship on the Cuban Revolution.

The conversation explores the evolution of the scholarship of Cuban Revolution 60 years on and how many scholars today are less interested in the leadership. Instead, researchers are increasingly interested in how the revolutionary period has been experienced by ordinary Cubans.

Historias 39 – Cuban Revolution. State of the Field.

Additional resources:

Michelle Chase, Revolution Within the Revolution: Women and Gender Politics in Cuba, 1952-1962 (Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2015)

Devyn Spence Benson, Antiracism in Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution (Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2016)

Historias 28 – Tanya Harmer and Renata Keller on Latin America’s Cold War

In our inaugural state of the field episode, Drs. Tanya Harmer and Renata Keller talk with Dustin about Latin America’s Cold War. They discuss the meaning of the Cold War in Latin America, questions of chronology and areas of scholarly emphasis, and their own work highlighting voices long overlooked in the historiography.

Additional Resources:
Tanya Harmer, Allende’s Chile and the Inter-American Cold War (University of North Carolina Press, 2011)

Renata Keller, Mexico’s Cold War: Cuba, the United States, and the Legacy of the Mexican Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Tanya Harmer on Twitter

Renata Keller on Twitter


Sala Escura da Tortura, trabalho coletivo: Gontran Guanaes Netto, Julio Le Parc, Alejandro Marco, Jose Gamarra, 1973

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