Historias 38 – Luis Herrán Ávila and Randal Sheppard on AMLO

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Steven spoke with historians Luis Herrán Ávila and Randal Sheppard about the history of revolutionary nationalism in Mexico, its enduring place in political life, and its importance to AMLO. Luis and Randal also discuss the immediate challenges facing the Mexican president, including huachicoleo, insecurity, impunity, and Mexico’s relationship with the United States.

Additional Resources:

Luis on Twitter

Randal on Twitter

Luis Herrán Ávila, “The Other ‘New Man’”: Conservative Nationalism and Right Wing Youth in 1970s Monterrey.” In Jaime Pensado and Enrique C. Ochoa, México Beyond 1968: Revolutionaries, Radicals, and Repression During the Global Sixties and Subversive Seventies(Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2018), 195-214.

Randal Sheppard, “Clara Porset in Mid Twentieth-Century Mexico: The Politics of Designing, Producing, and Consuming Revolutionary Nationalist Modernity,” The Americas 75, no. 2 (2018), 349-379.

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