Edward Moseley Award Recipients


Award Winner

2015-16Robert Franco, “Crossing Over to the Wilde Side: Homophobia and the Scandal of the Famous 41.”
2014-15Macarena Moraga, “Who Am I to Forget? Los 80 and Collective Memory in Chile’s Post-­‐Dictatorship Generation.”
2013-2014Jesus G. Ruiz (Tulane University), “On Becoming Louverture: How a 1790 Mandate Allowed Toussaint to Seize the Role of Liberator Prophesized by Abbe Raynal in 1780.”
2012-2013Daniel Genkins (Vanderbilt) “‘To Seek New Worlds, for Gold, for Praise, for Glory’: El Dorado and Empire in Sixteenth-Century Guiana.”
2011-2012Kevin Funk (University of Florida), “The Political Economy of South America’s Global South Relations: State, Transnational Capital, and Social Movements.”
2010-2011Susan Brewer Norman (University of Virginia) “A Tale of Two Paramilitaries: The Political Economy of Anti-Revolutionary Political Orders in Magdalena Medio, Colombia.”
2009-2010Renata Keller (History, University of Texas at Austin). “Capitalizing on Castro: Mexico’s Foreign Relations with Cuba and the United States, 1959-1969.”
2008-2009Felipe Cruz (University of Texas, Austin) “Subaltern Art and Terror in Urban Brazil.”

Honorable Mention: Leo Gorman (University of New Orleans), “Latino Migrant Labor Strife and Solidarity in Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2005-2007.”

2007-2008Alexander L. Wisnoski, III (Appalachian State University), “Thou Shalt Not Work: Religious Accommodation and Labor Resistance in Eighteenth Century Sonoran Missions.”

Honorable Mention: Rachel Hallum (University of Florida), “Beyond Abstractions: Challenges to Ecofeminism and Lessons from Rural Guatemala.”

2006-2007Melissa Birkhofer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) “The Photograph and Diaspora Memory in Junot Díaz’s Aguantando and Edwidge Danticat’s The Book of the Dead.
2003-2004Paul Worley, “Evolution to Revolution: Creating the Mexican in Justo Sierra and Martin Luís Guzmán.”
2002-2003Karen Sorenson, “Chilean Media and Discourses of Human Rights.”
2001-2002María Gaztambide, “La representación del ëotroí en el arte y la literature de Puerto Rico: El caso del Niño Pantaleón Avilés.