Historias 154 – The Chilean Election with Jenny Pribble

Our Fall season finale has arrived!  Today, Steven and Dustin welcome Dr. Jenny Pribble to the program to explain Chile’s presidential election.  Dr. Pribble is Associate Professor of Political Science and Global Studies at the University of Richmond, and the author of Welfare and Party Politics in Latin America.  Join us for a wonderful conversation to learn more about the significance of Gabriel Boric’s victory, and the state of Chilean democracy! 

Historias 152 – Benjamin Smith on the Dope

Today’s episode features an entertaining and illuminating conversation about Mexico, the United States, and drugs, between Steven and Dr. Benjamin T. Smith of the University of Warwick.  Smith is the author of the new book, The Dope: The Real History of the Mexican Drug Trade, which analyzes a series of issues surrounding the drug trade going back more than a century.  In addition to political corruption on both sides of the border, violence, the state Read more…

Historias 151 – Gabriel Thoumi on sustainability, collaboration, and capital markets

Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM, Director of Financial Markets and Head of the Plastics Programme at Planet Tracker, joined Steven to discuss his work in aligning capital markets with planetary boundaries. They discuss the urgency of tackling climate change, the environmental and health challenges caused by the production and use of plastics, and the importance of marshaling resources and collaborators to achieve sustainable outcomes. Connect with Gabriel on LinkedIn – Conferences:ESG and Plastics – Read more…

Historias 150 – Eline Van Ommen on the Nicaraguan presidential election

On November 7, 2021, Daniel Ortega won his fourth consecutive term as president of Nicaragua in an election roundly assailed as both unfree and unfair. Prior to election day, the Nicaraguan state incarcerated presidential candidates from opposition parties and leaders and activists from a variety of social movements and civil society organizations. Steven spoke with Dr. Eline Van Ommen to better understand how to understand the results and what it means for democracy in Nicaragua.

Historias 149 – James Lockhart on the CIA And Chile

Our ongoing series on Latin America’s Cold War continues, returning to Chile.  Dustin sat down with Dr. James Lockhart, Assistant Professor of History at Zayed University, to talk about his book, Chile, the CIA and the Cold War: A Transatlantic Perspective (Edinburgh University Press, 2019).  Lockhart explains the importance of situating Latin America’s Cold War into the story of the Global Cold War.  The two also discuss the challenges of studying the history of covert Read more…

Historias 148 – John French on Lula & Brazil

Steven welcomed Dr. John French to the program to talk about his new book, Lula and His Politics of Cunning: From Metalworker to President of Brazil.  Their highly engaging conversation touched on themes of labor, gender, social movements, and politics.  The pair also discussed the opportunities that exist for well-constructed biographies, and Eric Hobsbawn’s interest in Latin America.  Have a listen! 

Historias 146 – Alan Shane Dillingham on Indigeneity, Development, and Inequality in Twentieth-Century Mexico

Dustin welcomed Dr. Alan Shane Dillingham onto the podcast to talk about his new book, Oaxaca Resurgent: Indigeneity, Development, and Inequality in Twentieth-Century Mexico.  He was treated to a wide-ranging conversation touching on numerous themes in indigenous, Mexican, and modern Latin American history.  Enjoy!  Follow Dr. Dillingham on Twitter