Historias 118 – Bolivia Today

Historias Podcast · Historias 118 – Bolivia Today Dr. Carmen Soliz brought together an outstanding panel of scholars to discuss present day Bolivia. The panel explores such critical actors and elements as the military, miners, cruceño elites, and public health contemporary Bolivia by placing them in broader historical arcs to present a complex picture of this Andean nation. Panel: Dr. Liz SheskoDr. Ben Nobbs-ThiessenDr. Elena McGrathDr. Nicole Pacino Photo: “Bolivia” by szeke is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Call for Submissions – The Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article

The Sturgis Leavitt Award is given annually for the best article or book chapter on a Latin American or Iberian subject published by a SECOLAS member in the previous calendar year. The article may be written in any language. Preference will be given to articles that have an appeal beyond a single discipline. The winner must be a member in good standing of the year in which the article or chapter was published and the Read more…

Call for Submissions – The Alfred B. Thomas Book Award

The Alfred B. Thomas Award is awarded annually for the best book on a Latin American subject published by a SECOLAS member in the previous year. Co-authored works may be considered, but not anthologies or edited works. Books may be in any language. Authors must have been members of SECOLAS for the two calendar years preceding the year in which the prize will be awarded and the year the award is given. Selection of the Read more…

Historias 112 – Ángela Vergara And Joshua Frens – String on the Chilean National Plebiscite

Drs. Ángela Vergara and Joshua Frens-String spoke with Dustin about Chile’s recent constitutional plebiscite.  They talked about the nuts-and-bolts issues involved, and put the movement for constitutional change in a broader historical perspective.  Enjoy!  Joshua Frens-String, “Burying Pinochet” Follow Ángela Vergara on Twitter Follow Joshua Frens-String on Twitter