Lily Pearl Balloffet

Lily is an assistant professor in the Latin American and Latino Studies program at UC Santa Cruz. Her research and teaching focus on the topics of migration, social movements, and transnational history. She is currently finishing a book project titled Argentina in the Global Middle East: Transregional Migration & Mobility. This project, like her other publications, examines the ways in which diverse regions of the Global South share links to global migration systems. Lily’s primary interest is in writing transregional histories as seen through the lens of South-South alliances, solidarities, and exchanges that we can trace back to their roots in a longer history of immigrant mobilities.

Prior to joining LALS, Lily was an assistant professor of history at Western Carolina University, and a postdoctoral fellow at North Carolina State University. She received her PhD in History from the University of California, Davis in 2015, and her BA in Latin American Studies from Wellesley College in 2006.