General Business Meeting Agenda, 5:30 pm, Parlor Room

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Call to Order/Welcome/Thanks to the Organizing Committee and Program Chairs


  1.  Treasury Report, Steven Hyland
  2.  The Latin Americanist, Jürgen Buchenau, Editor
  3. Annals Edition, Greg Crider
  4. Historias Podcast, Steven Hyland

Announcements (Open)

Old Business

  1.  Elections
  2. President Elect
  3. Two At-Large Members (terms expire in 2025)
  4. Two Members representing Contingent Faculty and Graduate Students (terms expire in 2024)
  5. Nominating Committee

New Business

  1. Anti-Harassment Policy 
  2. Upcoming Conferences
    • 2023 – Antigua, Guatemala or Havana or ?
    • 2024 – New Orleans or Asheville or ?
    • 2025 – Oaxaca or Cartagena
  3. Awards Committee
    • Thomas Book Award
    • Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article
    • Moseley Graduate Student Paper Award
    • Helen Delpar Best Article Award
  4. Program Chairs for 2023?

Closure—Hand the Mic to Martin Nesvig!


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