Session 4, 11:00am-12:30pm

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13. Politics, Religion, and Aesthetics: Contributions from the Peripheries of Brazilian Society

Location: Wine Room

Chair: John D. French, Duke University

From Dictatorship to the Brazilian New Republic in Crisis: Understanding Lula’s Political Leadership, 1985-2022

John D. French, Duke University

Fraternity or Farce? Brazilian Black Consciousness Movements in the Centenary of Abolition

Travis Knoll, Duke University

I Only Know the Mosquito Bites: Religious Occupations and the Contingent Relationships in São Paulo, Brazil

Derek Pardue, Aarhus University

14. Race, Gender, and Identity in Latin American Musical Forms

Location: Churchill Room

Chair: Silvia Roca-Martínez, The Citadel

Bola Sete and the legacy of racial misrepresentation in Bossa Nova – A Story of Racism, Narrative Building and Culture of Erasure

Geovane Santos, Tulane University

Rapeando al ritmo de los Santos: la presencia de la Santería en las letras de raperas cubanas contemporáneas

Silvia Roca-Martínez, The Citadel

Improvised Nostalgia, Regionalized Identity, and Constructive Discourtesy: A Critical Observation of the Trova Antioqueña

Michael Bromberg, Tulane University

Diálogo entre Cimarrones: Afrocuban Funk & New Orleans Black Indians Tradition

Lilian Lombera, Tulane University

15. Politics and the State in Twentieth Century Latin America

Location: Mayfair Room

Chair: Joshua Savala, Rollins College

To Be Invited In?: State Formation and Maritime Workers in Early-Twentieth-Century Chile

Joshua Savala, Rollins College

Feminists from Within?: Left Feminism and Transnational Networks in the Nicaraguan Revolution (1979-1990)

Sydney Marshall, Duke University

The Armed Left and the Reconfiguration of the Chilean State from Dictatorship to Democracy

Denisa Jashari, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Discussant: Miguel La Serna, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

16. Church and Society in Spain and New Spain

Location: Parlor Room

Chair: Carlos Macías Prieto, Williams College

The Failure of Bernardino de Sahagún’s Coloquios y Doctrina Cristiana (1564) as an Instrument of Evangelization

Carlos Macías Prieto, Williams College

Female Sexuality during the Spanish Inquisition in the Middle Colonial Period

Olivia Hughes, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Gone but Not Forgotten: Jesuits Continued Influence on Popular Piety in Mexico City, 1767-1816

Shayna Mehas, Elon University