Session 6, 3:30pm-5:00pm

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21. Latin American Politics and Party Competition: Identification, Race, and Victimization

Location: Wine Room

Chair: Mary Rose Kubal, St. Bonaventure University

District Selection and Racial Identity: Determinants for Voting in the Colombian Congress’ Black District

Mateo Villamizar-Chaparro, Duke University

Progressive Ideology and Support for Punitive Crime Policy: Experimental Evidence from Brazil and Argentina Isabel Laterzo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “.”

Discussant: Diego Romero, Duke University

22. Specters of Horror and Strange in Latin American Cultural Production

Location: Churchill Room

Chair: Zoya Khan, University of South Alabama

Spectrality and Subjectivity in 21st Century Bolivian Cultural Production

Zoya Khan, University of South Alabama

Estética del new weird,” género y montajes afectivos: relatos cortos de Samanta Schweblin

Magdalena Maiz-Peña, Davidson College

Latin American Gothic: Horror, violence, and precarity in the 21st century in María Fernanda Ampuero’s Human Sacrifices

Javier Pabon, Methodist University

23. Blackness and Identity in Mexico from Independence to the Present

Location: Mayfair Room

Chair: Lean Sweeney, University of Virginia

Race, Citizenship, and Abolition in Early-Independence Mexico (1820 -1829)

Beau Gaitors, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Representación de los afrodescendientes en la vanguardia mexicana

Rodrigo Figueroa Obregón, New Mexico State University

Nuevas narrativas de racialización y antirracismo en el cine afromexicano emergente

Samanta Ordóñez Robles, Wake Forest University

Putting “Afrodescendiente” on the Census: Leveraging Online Activism and Transnational Blackness for Greater Visibility

David S. Dalton, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

24. Life, Death, and Memory in Latinx Experiences

Location: Parlor Room

Cuban” NYC: Contextualizing IPV in Early Twentieth Century Latinx Communities

Nicole Guidotti-Hernández, Emory University

Re-Membering Through Obituaries: Latinx Community Memory and Presence in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Erika Davis, University of Florida

Uplifting the Absent Presence: Contemporary US Latinx Artists, Braceros, and the Insertion of Labor Contributions into Art Historical Narratives

Andrea Lepage, Washington and Lee University