Cartagena 2016

63rd Annual Conference, Cartagena, Colombia, March 9-13, 2016


Latest Information and Updates

Historias 164 – La lucha social por el acceso al agua en Bolivia con Sarah Hines

La Dra. Sarah T. Hines habla con Carmen de la lucha social por el acceso al agua y la i...
Posted: April 27, 2022, 1:47 pm

Historias 163 – Michael Bustamante on Cuba’s memory wars

Dr. Michael Bustamante joined Steven to discuss his book Cuban Memory Wars: Retrospecti...
Posted: April 20, 2022, 5:14 pm

Historias 162 – Mujeres solteras, plebeyas, y jefas de hogar en el México Colonial con Amos Megged

En este episodio tenemos el placer de escuchar al etnohistoriador Amos Megged quien nos...
Posted: April 6, 2022, 10:50 am

SECOLAS Awarded Pandemic Recovery Grant from the American Historical Association

For Immediate Release March 28, 2022 Charlotte, North Carolina – The Southeastern Counc...
Posted: March 29, 2022, 1:20 am


Program Chairs:

  • Literature and Humanities: Christopher Dennis (UNC Wilmington)
  • History/Social Sciences: Steven Taylor (Troy University)

Local Arrangements:

  • Jürgen Buchenau (UNC Charlotte)
  • Greg Crider (Winthrop University)


Friday Panels
Saturday Panels
Opening Reception
Banquet and Keynote Address
Graduate Student Networking Event
Executive Committee Meeting
General Business Meeting
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