Historias 87 – The Destape, Sex and Democracy in 1980s Argentina with Natalia Milanesio

Dr. Natalia Milanesio joined Steven to discuss her new book ¡Destape!: Sex, Democracy, and Freedom in Postdictatorial Argentina. For Milanesio, the Destape was “the biggest and most explosive sociocultural phenomenon after the fall of the military dictatorship… that made sexual culture into a powerful metaphor for democracy and the reconstruction Read more…

Rosenmüller wins the Thomas Award

Dr. Christoph Rosenmüller has won the 2020 Alfred B. Thomas Book Award for his book Corruption and Justice in Colonial Mexico, 1650–1755. The Alfred B. Thomas Award is awarded annually for the best book on a Latin American subject published by a SECOLAS member in the previous year. Congratulations Christoph.