Mitla & Hierve el Agua

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This excursion is on Sunday, March 31.

The ruins at Mitla consist of 5 “ruin clusters”. Archaeologists speculate that some of the ruins were used for ceremonial and religious purposes, while others served as palaces for the elite. Unique to Mitla are the greca decorations found on ruin walls.

Hierve el Agua is renowned for its natural springs and surrounding mountain beauty. Although the springs perpetually appear on the point of eruption, the natural temperature of the water fluctuates between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius (72 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit) allowing visitors to comfortably enjoy a refreshing dip in the springs. Furthermore, Hierve el Agua was a sacred spot for the ancient Zapotecs, thus archaeological investigations have discovered important information concerning the lives of the original inhabitants of the region. Archaeologists have recently discovered an irrigation system more than 2,500 years old. At Hierve el Agua, visitors may enjoy the option of swimming in one of its fabulous springs, or in a recently constructed pool.

Hierva el Agua
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