Call for Submissions – The 2023 Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article

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The Sturgis Leavitt Award is given annually for the best article or book chapter on a Latin American or Iberian subject published by a SECOLAS member in the previous calendar year. The article may be written in any language. Preference will be given to articles that appeal beyond a single discipline. The winner must be a member in good standing of the year in which the article or chapter was published, and the year the award is given.

The winning article or book chapter is selected by a committee of three members who previously won the award. Members serve for three years on a rotating basis.

The 2023 competition is for articles and book chapters published in 2022.

Email a copy of your article or book chapter to the award committee by Friday, December 2, 2022.

Dr. Fernanda Bretones Lane (2023, Chair)
Department of History
University of Florida
[email protected]

Dr. Robert Franco (2024)
Department of History
Kenyon College
[email protected]

Dr. Sarah Foss (2025)
Department of History
Oklahoma State University
[email protected]

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