Historias 46 – Alison Bruey. 2019 Thomas Book Award winner

Dr. Alison Bruey, an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of North Florida, joined Steven to discuss her book Bread, Justice, and Liberty: Grassroots Activism and Human Rights in Pinochet’s Chile, published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 2018, which won the 2019 Alfred B. Thomas Book Award.

The Thomas Book Award is given annually for the best book on a Latin American subject published by a SECOLAS member.

Historias 46 – Alison Bruey

Deadline extended for Moseley and Brown competitions

SECOLAS has extended the deadline until April 30 for students who presented at the Oaxaca meeting.

The top three submissions selected by the committee will receive the Richmond Brown Student Travel Grant for the 2020 meeting in Austin, Texas. The top paper from this three will receive the Edward Moseley Student Paper Award, also announced at the 2020 meeting.

If you have any questions, contact Steven Hyland at s.hyland@wingate.edu

Historias 45 – Lily Balloffet. 2019 Sturgis Leavitt winner.

Dr. Lily Balloffet joined Steven to discuss her article entitled “Argentine and Egyptian History Entangled: From Perón to Nasser,” which won the 2019 Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article from SECOLAS.

Historias 45 – Lily Balloffet

Member Michael Alarid’s article is published

Congratulations to member Michael Alarid of UNLV on the publication of his article “Beyond Banditry: The Significance of Everyday Larceny in New Mexican Social History, 1837–1865” in the Western Historical Quarterly.

Steven Hyland has won the 2019 RMCLAS Article Award

Steven Hyland has won the 2019 RMCLAS Article Award from our friends at the Rocky Mountain Council of Latin American Studies for his article entitled “The Syrian Ottoman Home Front in Buenos Aires and Rosario during the First World War,” published in the Journal of Migration History.

The RMCLAS Article Award is for the most outstanding article in a journal or chapter in an edited book published in the preceding year.

Congratulations from everyone at SECOLAS.

Jian Gao has won the Moseley Award

Jian Gao of the University of Alabama has won the Edward H. Moseley Student Paper Award for his paper entitled “Restoring the Chinese Voice during Mexican Sinophobia, 1899-1934.”

The Moseley Award is presented annually to the graduate student and SECOLAS member who has presented the best graduate student paper at the previous year’s meeting.

Congratulations to Jian from everyone at SECOLAS.

Lina Del Castillo has earned honorable mention

Lina Del Castillo of the University of Texas has earned honorable mention from the Sturgis Leavitt Award for Best Article committee for her article entitled “Entangled Fates: French-Trained Naturalists, the First Colombian Republic, and the Materiality of Geopolitical Practice, 1819-1830,” published in the Hispanic American Historical Review.

The committee found her article a fascinating and truly transatlantic history that brought together French science, Colombian independence, and even Ecuador.

Nesvig has earned honorable mention for Promiscuous Power

Martin A. Nesvig of the University of Miami earned an honorable mention for his book entitled Promiscuous Power: An Unorthodox History of New Spain from the Alfred B. Thomas Book Award Committee.

The committee said of his book, “Nesvig employs archival research to construct a narrative of local politics in early colonial Mexico. In contrast to many authors that discuss either colonial power or indigenous resistance, he brings to light the resistance of Michoacán’s Spanish residents to the imposition of power by both the state and the church. With chapter titles such as ‘I Shit on You, Sir; or rather, An Unorthodox Lot of Catholics Who Didn’t Fear the Inquisition,’ Nesvig provides a humorously irreverent portrait of New Spain beyond Tenochtitlán.”

Congratulations from SECOLAS.

Members Rita Palacios and Paul Worley’s book is published

Congratulations to SECOLAS members Rita Palacios and Paul Worley on the release of their book entitled Unwriting Maya Literature: Ts’íib as Recorded Knowledge, published by the University of Arizona Press.

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